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Big box hosting companies don't care about you. When you only pay ninety-nine cents per month to BigDaddy or McHostBurger, you'll get what you pay for; bad customer service, hours on hold waiting on their automated phone system, only to ultimately leave them a frustrated voicemail, to later be called back by their minimum-wage "tech support", who doesn't seem to even understand what you need.

But it's a much different story with Crowbar's Premium Hosting! We believe website hosting is all about service, and being able to rely on powerful customer service and tech support can make or break your business' online presence. As a basic business need, this premium product is the first in our suite of our
Crowbar Small Business Solutions product line.

We will troubleshoot software issues

You're not on your own when you host with us. We'll help you troubleshoot the issues that affect your service, period. If something is going wrong, whether it's on the server side or the client side, we're here for you. If there's something going on with your CMS or database (or anything else that has a login), we can put our team on it to get it squared away.

We'll help you migrate your site on or off our cloud

Our one-on-one approach to customer service begins on day one. We'll help you with every detail if you need it. Want to move your stuff over to us? Great. Want to transition off? No problem, we won't leave you hanging. Our staff will get you to where you want to be. You don't need the extra worries.

We know our customers by name

When it comes to hosting your site, you want to be sure that you can trust your service team. We usually design, build, and maintain our customers' sites anyways, so hosting just goes hand in hand with the service, and by that time we already know the site and all the files inside and out! If you have to contact us at any time for anything, a member of our dedicated support team will already be familiar with your setup and will be able to troubleshoot quickly.

Responsive response time

Got a question? Need some help? Wondering if we'll really know your name when you call? Contact us via phone or email and we'll get back to you right away!

Power and bandwidth? That's the easy part!

Crowbar hosting is industrial-grade, highly-optimized hosting. You probably won't need it, but you can have as little or as much control as you want.
One plan. Done right. From day one you can count on the fact that we understand and know your set up and any nuances it might possibly bring. That means less problems and quicker response when you do encounter any issues.

No down time

Virtualization protects you during system upgrades (the basic stuff) and unplanned downtime (like when aliens invade). The robust Crowbar Hosting infrastructure will adapt to whatever is thrown at it, no matter what. Through thick and thin, we've got you covered and will ensure steady service.


Our sites are secure from thieves, hackers and pirates who want to ruin your day. Crowbar Hosting is here to make you smile. We'll handle all of the security issues on our side. Chances are, if there was an issue, we knew about it and addressed it before it even got to you.

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